Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vegetable Garden Weeding

I have started the process of digging out the vegetable garden area behind the garage.

It was always our intention to have a vegetable garden, but somehow the whole thing got rather overgrown, in the course of the past (almost) three years.

Seems like the previous owners of the house were "on their way" to having a vegetable garden, but during their final year it more or less went to seed, or was neglected. We didn't really do anything with it, with the result that we have ended up as the proud owners of a considerable weedy thicket.

There are some rhubarb plants against the stone wall towards the fence, as well as a couple of decent (but "half strangled") apple trees, and a couple of lilac bushes. I'm sure I will uncover other stuff as I did through this mess.

Because the layer of weeds (and SEEDS) is so thick and matted down, it just didn't seem viable (at least to me) to get a roto-tiller and just try to till it all under. So I am undertaking the rather slow and laborious process of scraping the top layer of weeds and roots completely off, so we can get down to the good soil below, without (hopefully) having too many weeds re-emerge and immediately take over the place again.

So far, I have dug out what seems to be another blueberry plant, and a nice clump of marjoram, both right there by the concrete foundation, at right. As an "addendum" to this project, I am going to add a fence along the property line to Walt's driveway... hopefully tall enough to discourage the deer. Maybe an extra wire along the top will make it that much more difficult to jump. Potentially, putting short lengths of re-bar or spikes into the top of the fence posts and adding a wire at the top of that could "heighten" the fence by a full foot.

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