Monday, May 19, 2014

It's a "Big Dig"

The progress is slow... I spent another 3-4 hours behind the garage this evening, trying to move through the weeds that make up our future vegetable garden.

Given how thick it is out there, I find it hard to believe that the people who lived here before actually did keep this space very clean or free of weeds.

Got a little bit further along today-- still not sure whether I'll be able to get to the end of this by the time Sarah gets back.

I'm grateful for the relatively dry weather, which means I am at least not having to dig through thick gooey clay.

I ran into a few random potatoes as I was digging today; their placement seemed pretty random. In the greater scheme of things, I don't think we'll be growing potatoes here-- those will be out in the open part of the garden where we currently have lawn, and that will not happen till later this year for crops in 2015.

Looking at these photos, I can't even tell that I made any progress today... but I am closer to reaching the rhubarb against the stone wall, and I am actually a little bit past the apple tree, now.

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